Georgian Nutrition Society is governed by the members of the society, and the president. They are assisted by the Governing Body, Board of Trustees and Advisory Council.


Members of the society

Governing Body


Governing Body and The Board of Trustees is headed by the President and they collectively set the strategic direction of the Society, are responsible for the business of the Society and oversee all of the Society's activities.

The President together with the Governing Body and Board  of Trustees sets the strategic direction of the society and is responsible for organising the implementation of the policy set up by the society. The Trustees are elected for a three year term, after which they may be re-elected for another three years. They cannot serve more than two terms concurrently. 

They are assisted by the Advisory Council which is responsible for advising our board of Trustees on matters of policy, external relations, governance, spending and income-generation. The Advisory Council consists of the wide range of professionals representing public health, medical profession, those working in industry, agriculture and policy makers.

The Georgian Nutrition Society is a registered charity and our Trustees have legal responsibility to act is accordance with the laws governing all charities. The society has been ratified with the public public Hall which operates under the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

Executive Members 
Manana Stanley (President)
Shalva Zarnadze
Ketevan Dadiani
Nino Dolidze
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Board of Trustees
Nata Kakabadze (Commuications)
Rezo Kobakchidze (Commuications)
Keti Asatiani(International Affairs)
Manana Grdselishvili (Secretary)
Bella Kurashvili (Education)
Marina Lashkhauri (Human Resource)
Nestan Bostoganashvili (Publication)
Rusa Gvamichava (Students)
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Advisory Council
Zurab Tskitishvili (Agriculture)
Ketevan Beridze (Sport Nutrition)
Maia Surviladze (Child Nutrition)
Ketevan Dadiani (Risk)
Mari Malazonia (Clinical)
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Support Services 
Joe Stanley (Head of Digital Content)
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