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Reaching the Georgian Public

Promoting Nutritional Science

Recently the GNS President, Dr. Manana Stanley, was invited to make an appearance on a popular health program on  Georgian channel 1, to talk about nutrition and health

Building Links

Spreading ideas through partnerships

The GNS aims to work with Nutrition Societies around the world to promote Nutritional Science. Pictured is an event at the UK Nutrition Society's Annual Reception




From Left to Right

GNS Students Co-Chair: Rusa Gvamichava

Georgian Ambassador to the UK: Tamar Beruchashvili.  

President of the NS:  Philip Calder. 

President of the GNS:  Dr Manana Stanley.  

Chief Executive of the NS: Mark Hollingsworth.

Our Mission


To enhance nutritional science and promote regulation in the field of nutrition


Provide health benefits to Georgian society, and internationally, through promoting nutrition and nutritional science


By initiating adequate education and practice in nutrition and by promoting nutritional science 

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