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GNS 1st Conference

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

სნს-ის პირველი კონფერენცია

The first conference organised by the GNS took place this May at the G. Natadze Scientific Research Institute of Sanitation, Hygiene and Medical Ecology, Tbilisi and was a follow up to the successful international symposium held in Tbilisi last summer attended by members of the Nutrition Society (UK). The International Affairs Committee of the Nutrition Society in London kindly agreed to endorse the conference where Georgian academics presented papers on issues concerning some modern challenges of nutrition and health. We would like to thank the institute for providing the venue and giving us considerable support. ​ The conference was attended by 70 people, attracting particular interest from students and young professionals confirming the need for university degree courses in Georgia. The abstracts of the presentations are linked below.

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