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GNS plans for 2023

The GNS will be attending a workshop in Wageningen, Netherland organised by the Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS) in April and The Nutrition Society summer conference in Liverpool in July.

Our society is also exploring opportunities to set up nutrition courses at Georgian universities in collaboration with British universities.

The society's main event will be our October conference. GNS is particularly excited to announce a new collaboration with the Sabri Ulker Foundation (Turkey), an independent scientific non-profit organisation focusing on public awareness on food, nutrition and health. Sabri Ulker will take part in a joint Georgian-British-Turkish conference where distinguished Turkish scientists together with British and Georgian scientists will present their work. At the conference we will be presenting our ambitious plan to host a big international conference in 2024.

We are particularly excited to announce that our GNS team will be going to Belgrade in November to the FENS conference, where they will be hosting a symposium and presenting their work and vision on developing the nutrition and nutritional science in Georgia.

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